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Why School Sucks, 1 The Kids Are out of Control

Why are our kids not learning enough?  It’s because kids who already behave poorly are asked to come sit in a windowless classroom 6-7 hours a day, stay quiet and focused for 7-8 courses, sit by their friends with whom they’re not allowed to speak. They are being forced to study subjects many of which do not matter or do not appeal to the kids’ interests or have no practical application today or ever.

Kids are out of control before they get to the classroom usually because of parenting and economic inequalities.

Because we need to make school teach more effectively we need to make school stop sucking or at the very least suck less.

Because we can’t change economic injustice overnight we need to find ways to control the focus of children’s minds which means calming their behavior.  So discipline and class management must to be more effective.  And the less school sucks the easier job we’ll have of improving the culture and behavior of the classroom.

But NOTHING will change until we deal with classroom hijackers.  Kids who behave so horrible that the class can barely move forward.


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