Why School Sucks 2, How to Raise a Brat

How to Raise a Brat

When it comes to school, you do not need to witness the incompetence of teachers because your child will never lie to you.  Use this line, “My child has never lied to me,” early and often.  If someone accuses your child of lying you must assassinate the character of the accuser.

The accuser doesn’t understand your complicated child, has it out for your child or is jealous of your child.  And if the child did lie, it is because the accuser was not in proper control of the classroom or was asking something unfair, irrational or unnecessary of your child.  All you have to do is interrogate the accuser and anything they say can be stretched, mischaracterized or misapplied to prove they should never have become teachers in the first place.

Every time your child sees you fight to win rather than fighting for the truth their selfishness, disrespect, ego-centrism, nastiness, contentiousness and oppositional defiance grows until voila YOU HAVE RAISED A BRAT!!!

With a little luck and a little more narcissism, you may have a bona fide sociopath in the family!

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